Thursday, November 30, 1995

Seasonal Forces by Janis Crystal Lipzin

Yerba Buena Center for the Arts

Janis Crystal Lipzin will highlight her first Cinematheque show in over a decade with the premiere of Seasonal Forces – A Sonoma County Almanac, Parts 1 & 2, which “explores the conjunction of human and natural forces being played out in rural areas everywhere. In 1949 Aldo Leopold posed: ‘We face the question whether a still higher standard of living is worth its cost in things natural, wild, and free.’ His assertion precedes and informs my attempt to understand what it means to cultivate a sense of place.” (J.C.L.) A distinguished teacher, Associate Dean at the SFAI, and artist in many media, Janis Crystal Lipzin’s work has been presented at the New York Museum of Modern Art, the Centre Georges Pompidou, Stadtkino, and galleries throughout the country.