Sunday, April 6, 2003

Shadows of Time

New Work by Ernie Gehr

San Francisco Art Institute

Cinematheque is proud to present the West Coast premieres of two new digital video works by master film artist Ernie Gehr. Gehr describes Glider as “cool, delirious and mysterious. Futuristic, yet ancient. A voyage into a pictorial space-world that seems to be governed by extraterrestrial optical and gravitational laws.” City, he says, is “grounded in the familiar everyday world of the street. Yet, the ground often gives way plastically, opening up a dense and paradoxical field for visual musings and delight as colors, solids and transparencies as well as spaces within spaces weave a tapestry of a somewhat familiar ‘city.’ Though recorded in a specific location (downtown San Francisco), the anonymity of the spaces and architecture transposes and shapes them into a portrait of a mid-size downtown, anywhere USA.” (Scott Stark)