Around The Edge Of Encircling Lake

Around The Edge Of Encircling Lake


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Around The Edge Of Encircling Lake


Author/Editor: Sky Hopinka


Sky Hopinka’s film work scrutinizes the layered structure of identity in relation to homeland, landscape and language. Like puzzles, his films are constructed with fragmented and superimposed images. Watching them is like experiencing memories inside of a dream, their fragments recomposed without any particular order by the unconscious. This does not make the result less truthful; quite the opposite, it is more real than ever. (Almudena Escobar López: Afterimage)

Sky Hopinka: Around the Edge of Encircling Lake
A collection of writings, essays, and calligrams, framed behind movement through the Encircling Lake, a Ho-Chunk way of describing the boundaries of the earth.  The calligrams take the shape of effigy mounds and intaglios, and the writings maneuver between the complicated relationships of family, identity, and their intersections within Hopinka’s video work. 91 pages. Published 2018 by The Green Gallery.

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