Cinematograph vol. 1

Cinematograph vol. 1


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Cinematograph vol. 1

A Journal of the San Francisco Cinematheque

Author/Editor: Jun Jalbuena


  • Surface Shifts
    preface/remarks by Jun Jalbuena
  • Notes on Programming: S.F. Cinematheque, September 1983-August 1984
    San Francisco Cinematheque by Steve Anker
  • Notes on Kren: Cutting Through Structural Materialism or, “Sorry. It had to be done.”
    Kurt Kren by David Levi Strauss
  • Kurt Kren Interview
    Kurt Kren by David Gerstein and David Levi Strauss
  • Joseph Cornell’s A Legend for Fountains (fragments) (1965)
    Joseph Cornell by Marjorie Keller
  • Excerpts from the Journal of Daughters of Chaos 1980
    Marjorie Keller by Marjorie Keller
  • Daniel Barnett Interview
    Daniel Barnett by Medora Ebersole and Jun Jalbuena
  • A Stab At Daniel Barnett’s White Heart
    Daniel Barnett by Konrad Steiner
  • Dance/Film/Collage
    Dance and Film by Jim Jordan and Barbara Kohn
  • Narrative Concerns
    Warren Sonbert by Warren Sonbert
  • Conversations with Janis Crystal Lipzin
    Janis Crystal Lipzin by Jun Jalbuena
  • File for a Media Manual (the Inner School)
    Bruce Baillie by Bruce Baillie
  • In and around the making of RED SHIFT
    Gunvor Nelson by Diane Kitchen
  • Gunvor Nelson, San Francisco Cinematheque October 20
    Gunvor Nelson by James Irwin
  • The Films of Stan Brakhage: A thirteen-year selection
    Stan Brakhage by Gail Camhi
  • “The State of the …Art”
    Stan Brakhage by Nathaniel Dorsky
  • Questions Concerning Documentary Film in light of Mark LaPore’s “Medina”
    Marke LaPore by Alice Armstrong
  • Acting/Being on the Surface of Film: Conversations with Nathaniel Dorsky
    Nathaniel Dorsky by Patrick Delabre
  • The Imitation is Better
    George Kuchar by Scott MacDonald
  • sausages with george kuchar, jose montaña and james oseland
    George Kuchar by Jun Jalbuena
  • Acadamia Unbound: The Adventures of the Red-Hot Texts of Land, Nelson and Snow
    Owen Land, Robert Nelson and Michael Snow by Patricia Mellencamp
  • A Serial for a Sentimental Scientist
    Hollis Frampton by Ricardo Ramoso
  • Perforated Spaces: Breaking Out From Darkness
    Film Performance and Film Installation by David Gerstein
  • A Portfolio of Photographs from Films: S.F. Cinematheque
    September 1983-August 1984
  • Index to Filmmakers: S.F. Cinematheque
    September 1983-August 1984