Cinematograph vol. 3

Cinematograph vol. 3

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Cinematograph vol. 3

A Journal of Film and Media Art

Author/Editor: Christine Tamblyn


  • Introduction
    by Christine Tambyln
  • Text and Photo Interventions
    by Patrick Clancy
  • The Body Lost and Found
    by John Muse
  • Cinema of the Senses: Selected Films of Arthur and Corrine Cantrill
    by Barry Kapke
  • M
    by Alan Sondheim
  • Carolee Schneemann’s Fuses (1964-67)
    by David James
  • Her Logic is in Contradiction: The Films of Peggy Ahwesh
    by Jennifer Montgomery
  • Lights on the Path: Andrew Noren’s The Lighted Field
    by Gail Camhi
  • Lust and Anger: The Commodification of Marginality (excerpts from Seven Deadly Sins)
    by Lynn Hershman
  • Art and the Garden: Feminist Strategies in Postmodern Art and Discourse
    by Margaret Morse
  • Department of the Interior
    by Lynne Sachs
  • The Pastoral in Abigail Child’s Covert Action and Mayhem
    by Monica Raymond
  • NAKED SPACES: Living is Round
    Script by Trinh T. Minh-ha
  • Sharon and the Birds on the Way to the Wedding
    Script by Lynn Kirby
  • Peggy and Fred in Hell
    by Leslie Thornton
  • Autonomy/Community: Marginality and the New Interactive Cinema
    by David Tafler
  • Making Contact: The Videotapes of George Kuchar
    by Steve Seid
  • The Creak of the Real: Notes from the Screening Room
    by David Levi Strauss
  • Modern all too modern
    by Keith Sanborn
    by Peter Rose
    Interview by Scott Stark
  • “Minimum Budget, Maximum Quality”
    An Interview with Guillermo Gómez-Peña
  • Mr. Bat and Allen’s Mother
    by Danny Ray Leopard
  • The “Other” Side of Life: Cecilia Condit’s “Not a Jealous Bone”
    by Chris Straayer
  • Interview with Louis Hock
    by Jeffrey Skoller
  • On Edge
    by Larry Gottheim
  • Vertov’s Lost Wax Technique
    by Douglas Kahn
  • Mapping the Territory of Râúl Ruiz
    by Jonathan Rosenbaum
  • Index to Filmmakers: S.F. Cinematheque
    • September 1985-June 1986
    • September 1986-June 1987

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