Cinematograph vol. 5: Sentience

Cinematograph vol. 5: Sentience


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Cinematograph vol. 5: Sentience

Author/Editor: Peter Herwitz


  • Introduction
    Peter Herwitz
  • Vincente Minnelli or Hollywood
    Sharon Shively
  • Wishful Thinking: Towards a Poetic Criticism
    Peter Herwitz
  • Buried Alive
    Shellie Fleming & Zack Stiglicz
  • The Dark Between the Frames
    Lee Ann Brown
  • For Sentience
    Stan Brakhage
  • Bruce Baillie—Michael Wallin Correspondence
  • Poem
    Bruce Baillie
  • The Exquisite Pftjschute
    Sidney Peterson
  • Dangling Modifiers
    Jean Yi
  • Film and the Social Font
    Daniel Barnett
  • Collage
    Lewis Klahr
  • Sound Talk
    Abigail Child
  • And Not Sublime: Snow’s Central Region
    Norma Cole
  • The Broken Fast
    Brian Johnson
  • Summertime
    Andy Moore
  • 9 Motifs from Passion
    Jürgen Reble
  • Horror Story of My Father’s Death
    Jordan Biren
  • Speaking from the Mouth of the Wolf
    Paula Levine
  • Notes from a Middle-Aged Filmmaker
    Barbara Hammer
  • Letter to Ken Jacobs
    Peter Herwitz
  • Ken Jacobs’ Chronometer
    Fred Worden
    Phil Solomon
  • Memorials in Slowed Time: Morton Feldman, composer/Ken Jacobs, filmmaker
    Charles Boone
  • Photos and three film scores:
    2/60 Etudes, 6/64 hütet eure ameisen!, 16/67 20.September
    Kurt Kren
  • Looking for a Future
    James Broughton
  • Poems
    Storm De Hirsch
  • Untitled Photograph
    Mimi Fronczak
  • Mediamystics
    Bradley Eros & Jeanne Liotta
  • Solving Three & Red
    Kimberly Lyons
  • Windows/Beyond the Pale
    Tim Rogers
  • A Simple Message of Undying Devotion
    Timoleon Wilkins
  • For Harry
    Steven Taylor
  • Herein
    Marjorie Keller
  • Racing and Then Crashing
    Charles Wright
  • On Pelle Lowe’s Earthly Possessions
    Maria-Eugenia Mann
  • Virginia, 1968
    Lissa Gibbs
  • These Days
    Sharon Shively

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