Cinematograph Vol. 6: Big As Life

Cinematograph Vol. 6: Big As Life


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Cinematograph Vol. 6: Big As Life

an American History of 8mm Films

Author/Editor: San Francisco Cinematheque/Museum of Modern Art


  • Introduction
    Albert Kilchesty
  • Curators’ Statements:
    Big as Life

    Steve Anker
    8mm: American Images & The Art of the Everyday

    Jytte Jensen
  • The Zapruder Film
    Keith Sanborn
  • The Qualities of Eight
    Fred Camper
  • Atomic Cinema
    Bradley Eros
  • I Came Into an 8mm World
    Kathy Geritz
  • Pieces of Eight: Interviews with 8mm Film Artists
    Donna Cameron
  • Kitch’s Last Meal
    Jeffrey P. Lord
  • Film, Baby
    Peggy Ahwesh
  • Riff-Raff and Hooligans: Super 8 and Mass Art
    Nina Fonoroff
  • Technical Aesthetics in the Preservation of Film Art
    Ross Lipman
  • Antidote for a Virtual World
    Ken Paul Rosenthal3
  • Ah, Kodachrome 40. The End is Here
    Willie Valera
  • Exhibition Screening List/First 25 Programs
  • Filmographies
  • Film Index
  • Bibliography


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