Science In Action!

Science In Action!


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Science In Action!

Re-Issued by ZAPCassettes [ZP041] in a limited edition of 200

Author/Editor: Craig Baldwin & Steve Polta


Sound collage of audio excised from Craig Baldwin’s 16mm films. Compiled and edited by Cinematheque’s Steve Polta and originally issued on CD-R format in 2003, the long out-of-print Science In Action! is re-issued by ZAPCassettes and available for a limited time.

Full Color cover! Lime Green cassette!
Includes Sonic Outlaws era “Copyright Infringement Is Your Best Entertainment Value” sticker!


Wild Gunman (1978)
A1. When the Eyes Flash! (5:56)
RocketKitKongoKit (1986)
A2. In April 1987… (2:23)
Tribulation 99: Alien Anomalies Under America (1991)
A3. The Wrath of God! (1:25)
A4. A Hidden Planet… (1:02)
A5. An Elite Corps (0:12)
A6. Vortexing (0:12)
A7. Descent through Clouds (0:20)
A8. Refuge in the Hollow Interior (0:13)
A9. Mate with Snakes! (0:30)
A10. The Blaze! (0:04)
A11. Quetzalcoatl (0:06)
A12. Into the Brains of Humans (0:09)
A13. I Shall Drain Your Minds! (0:16)
A14. … Their Own Excrement (0:31)
A15. … As Permeable as Paper Towels (0:10)
A16. Ever More Hideous Forms (0:35)
A17. “This One Got Out of Hand” (0:23)
A18. Monsters Grow! (0:20)
A19. “Karl!” (0:11)
A20. Look Well at the Rainbow! (0:33)
A21. The Earth… (0:19)
¡O No Coronado! (1992)
A22. Cibola 1 (0:19)
A23. “Open the Gates!” (1:55)
A24. One of those Early Spanish Bad Guys (0:28)
A25. Sumac Dirge (0:36)
A26. Bizarre Beings (0:14)
A27. “And Who Did He Find Here?” (1:17)
A28. A Breath-Taking View (Go Ahead Neil) (0:33)
A29. Cibola 2 (0:04)
A30. Almost Impossible to Imagine (0:36)
A31. One of God’s Greatest Handiworks (0:16)
A32. Hallucination Sequence 1 (1:01)
A33. Hallucination Sequence 2 (2:59)
Sonic Outlaws (1995)
B2. Dear Casey… (1:17)
B3. Sock It to Me Baby (0:54)
B4. Let’s Find Out What’s On (3:49)
B5. Jam! (0:04)
B6. “We’re Gonna Take a Break” (0:40)
B7. This Might Be the Music Business (1:53)
B8. It’s Totally Illegal (5:53)
B9. “Lisa Said a Dirty Word!” (0:19)
B10. What Can Be Next? (0:28)
B11. Entirely Illegal (2:07)
Spectres of the Spectrum (1999)
B12. Subcommandante Marcos (0:57)
B13. Fellow Earthlings… (1:32)
B14. …the first words… (1:08)
B15. “You had 13, Earl.” (0:36)
B16. A Single Photon (1:42)
B17. She’s Only a Dream (0:07)
B18. A Subject So Vast (1:44)
B19. Invisible Rays – Invisible Objects (2:10)
B20. TV Tesla! (2:00)
B21. The Heavenly Choir (0:25)
B22. What About The Future?? (1:09)
B23. (Sometimes It’s Most Painful) (0:36)
B24. A Brilliant White Flash (0:23)
B25. Here I Come Grandma! (4:52)

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