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Film Solo


Published on the occasion of the film tour Hannes Schüpbach – Film Solo, October–December 2003

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Film Solo

Author/Editor: Hannes Schüpbach


Hannes Schüpbach is a painter, filmmaker, and curator of films by artists.

The films of Hannes Schüpbach (b. 1965) extend the tradition of the meditative and lyrical film diary alternately defined by the work of Gregory Markopoulos, Robert Beavers and Nathaniel Dorsky, filmmakers united by an interest in the power and limits of the single shot and an idea(l) of beauty grounded in a fascination with nature. An accomplished painter and expert on textile art, Schüpbach uses 16mm cinematography to explore cinema’s painterly dimensions, bringing to his films a keen attention to color and light and their effect on mood and tempo.—Harvard Film Archive

This exhibition catalog features texts by Vincent Katz (“Hannes Schüpbach: Blinking The Mind’s Eye”) and Ulrike Draesner (‘TRANS/SCRIPT’). The exhibition catalog accompanies the films Portrait Marriage (2000), Spin (2001), and Toccata (2002).

In German with English translation.

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