Secession from the Broadcast 

Secession from the Broadcast 


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Secession from the Broadcast 

Author/Editor: Gene Youngblood


Gene Youngblood: Secession from the Broadcast 

Words + Artwork by Gene Youngblood
in English and Spanish
Spanish translation by Martín Baus

Gene Youngblood’s lecture Secession from the Broadcast is cartographic by design, a lantern and compass for those determined to extirpate their operations from under the clutches of the mass media hydra. Breathing as though alive, through this manifesto Youngblood’s words serve as a call to action, a call for a rebellion of intensely illuminated and unexampled proportions. Fused by Youngblood’s innate desires, this work showcases a praxis and research that spans most of a lifetime. Secession from the Broadcast is a must-read for anyone contemplating new modalities of operation & cognition within the omnipresent media landscapes we inhabit. 

Gene Youngblood: World-renowned theorist of media systems and politics, and a devoted scholar in the history and theory of experimental film and video art. He is widely known as a pioneering voice in the media democracy movement and has been teaching on the subject for over thirty years. He is the author of Expanded Cinema (1970), the first book to consider video as an art medium, and has long been considered a primordial reference for media artists. His work has been seminal in establishing Media Art as a recognized scholarly and artistic discipline. He currently resides in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Martín Baus: Chilean-born filmmaker, musician, researcher and programmer. He resides in the city of Guayaquil where he co-directs the cartographic research project Guayaquil Analógico and the Rialécticas film encounters. Member of the CEIS8 collective for experimentation with film formats and photochemical processes. He has also written for the film studies magazine laFuga.

Paperback / Japanese Stab Binding
English + Spanish
Edition of 55
Words + Artwork by Gene Youngblood
Translated by Martín Baus
Design + Production + Artworks by Bretta C. Walker
Edited by Jean-Jacques Martinod
Published 2020 in Los Cerrillos, New Mexico by Evidence House

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