Gravity Spells II

Gravity Spells II


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Gravity Spells II

Bay Area New Music and Expanded Cinema Art

Author/Editor: John Davis


Published by Bimodal Press to accompany the exhibition series of the same name, Gravity Spells II is a multimedia “bundle” featuring 2 LPs, 4 DVDs, a perfect bound letterpress booklet containing original commissioned essays, color images, artist bios, a silkscreened show poster and announcement card, packaged in a hand-printed sleeve.

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  • Foreword
    • John Davis
  • LP (sound/music): 
    • Paul DeMarinis: Kudelski Palimpsest
    • Suki O’Kane: Texture (for John Davis). Live assembly from field recordings and processed samples of Dan Plonsey (baritone), Sarah Wilson (trumpet) and Tom  Yoder (trombone)
    • Laetitia Sonami: Holding My Breath
    • Zachary James Watkins: For Paul Clipson
    • LP mastering by James Plotkin
  • DVD (moving images):
    • Keith Evans: Amphoterism: Acid = Base, Base = Acid (Super 8mm + 16mm)
    • Zach Iannazzi: No Worries (16mm)
    • Janis Crystal Lipzin: Some Mistakes I Have Made (Super-8mm, 16mm + 1/2-inch video)
    • Scott Stark: Night Out Of Song (16mm)
  • Gravity Spells II Performance Listings
  • Essays & Interview 
    • Steve Anker: An Anatomy of Live Cinema (on the projector performances and installation work of Janis Crystal Lipzin)
    • Brian Darr: Embrace The Vortex (on traditions of “live cinema” and the expanded cinema work of Jordan Belson and Henry Jacobs)
    • Paul DeMarinis: Kudelski Palimpsest 
    • Keith Evans: Amphoterism and The Unstable Image
    • Kathleen Quillian: Signs of Life in a Post-live Era (on the legacies of Gene Youngblood 
    • arc/tooth: light
    • Tanya Zimbardo: Interview with Scott Stark: Night Out of Song
  • Participant Images
  • Acknowledgments


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