Some Mistakes I Have Made

Some Mistakes I Have Made


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Some Mistakes I Have Made

Author/Editor: Janis Crystal Lipzin


Some Mistakes I Have Made is a micro-book (2.5 x 3.75”). Each book is comprised of twenty-one color images from the digital film Some Mistakes I Have Made by Janis Crystal Lipzin (2021, 19 minutes). A reimagining of 50 years of film outtakes in response to Mallarmé’s line: Mistakes are a gift to begin to imagine. Issued in an edition of 8; all copies signed and numbered by the artist.

About the film: Some Mistakes I Have Made is a re-imagined record of “mistakes” inspired by reels of typewriter correction tapes saved for 30 years. This Number 14 in my Visible Inventory series is a compendium of errors re-envisioned as opportunities culled from film and video footage that I shot and hand-processed since 1973 and typewriter correction tapes that I saved from the time before I used a computer. How often do we get to see our mistakes in life graphically recorded? Do these recordings of past failures reveal any new meanings? (Janis Crystal Lipzin). Still images and excerpts here.

Janis Crystal Lipzin is an intermedia artist based in Sonoma County, California. Light sensitive materials and lens-based tools are her gateway to re-imagining and interpreting her visual world. She has been making art in virtually every form of reproducible media for nearly forty years. Utilizing such diverse media as 8mm and 16mm film, various kinds and formats of photographic prints and transparencies, video, audio, digital photography, multimedia installations and media performance and artist books, she has confronted an array of uncomfortable subjects including pyromania, prehistoric murder, pesticide abuse, reproductive rights and mortality. www.jclvision.com

21 pages
Softbound | 2.5 x 3.75 in.
Published 2022 by Janis Crystal Lipzin

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