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De Luce 1 + 2


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De Luce 1 + 2

Author/Editor: Janis Crystal Lipzin


Janis Crystal Lipzin’s microbook (3.5 x 4 in, 20 pages), De Luce 1+2, presents selected images from her two digital films De Luce 1: Vegetare and De Luce 2: Architectura which investigate collisions between light and photo-chemistry.  Each book is signed and numbered.

The De Luce series links to a medieval text, De Luce, which means “On Light” in Latin and was written in the 12th century by Robert Grosseteste:

In the beginning of time
light drew out matter
along with itself
into a mass as great
as the fabric of the world

De Luce 1 blends Lipzin’s enduring interest in nature’s volatile events with her sympathy with films’ unpredictable response to light. In De Luce 2, photo-chemical occurrences conspire to energize 12 different architectural backdrops.  Both are hand-made artisanal works originating on super-8mm film that is hand-processed and then interwoven with digital tools.

Janis Lipzin: “I was trained first as a painter, and so, as I made these films, I found myself thinking about Mark Rothko’s radiant field paintings and I became interested in suspending & dissolving celluloid mater into a similar kind of luminosity.”

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