Little Joe: A book about queers and cinema, mostly

Little Joe: A book about queers and cinema, mostly


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Little Joe: A book about queers and cinema, mostly

Author/Editor: Sam Ashby (ed.)


The cult periodical Little Joe, published as a limited-edition zine from 2010 to 2021, challenged the mainstream narrative of film history with a rebellious, queer perspective. Rather than reviewing new releases, it explored forgotten and overlooked films and celebrated a diverse spectrum of cinema—from obscure art films to porn to Hollywood classics—as worthy of critical debate. Stubbornly print-only, Little Joe was notoriously hard to find, privileging word-of-mouth distribution akin to the films it championed. This volume, compiled by editor-in-chief Sam Ashby, brings together the best of its previously elusive texts and proposes a new, alternative cinematic canon drawn from the fringes of taste and style. 

This volume features essays, in-depth conversations, short stories and archival discoveries from a host of queer and allied writers, artists, filmmakers and academics, including John Waters, Sarah Schulman, Douglas Crimp, William E. Jones, Erika Balsom, Jeremy Atherton Lin, John Greyson, Elizabeth Purchell, Liz Rosenfeld, Peter Strickland, Ira Sachs, Terence Davies, Shu Lea Cheang, Kevin Killian, Wayne Koestenbaum, Abdellah Taïa, Marlene McCarty, John Cameron Mitchell, Rosa von Praunheim, Stuart Comer, Ed Halter, Jenni Olson, A.L. Steiner, A.K. Burns, Desiree Akhavan and Andrew Haigh.

Erika Balsom: Little Joe, Big Little Magazine
Jeremy Atherton Lin: Little Joe’s Holes: An Interview with Sam Ashby, editor of Little Joe
James Boaden: Hollywood Hallucinations: Parker Tyler, Myra Breckinridge and Mae West
William E. Jones: The Streets Are My Cinema
Justin Bengry: The Queer History of Films and Filming
Ed Halter: In His Own Words: Edward Owens
Wayne Koestenbaum: Facing Taylor Mead’s Ass
Ara Osterweil: Three’s Company
Ron Gregg: Cocks & Cunts: Barbara Rubin and the New York Underground
Kevin Killian: On the Set of Who Killed Teddy Bear
Stephen Thrower: In Praise of Andy Milligan
Hynam Kendall: A Bigger Splash: An Interview with Jack Hazan
Sam Ashby: The Devil and Derek Jarman
Erika Balsom: Searching for Senators and Sailors: The Limited Editions of Kenneth Anger
Ryan Powell: Nowhere Home: Radical Gay Rurality in Song of the Loon
William E. Jones: Fred Halsted
Jonesy: Born to Raise Hell: An Interview with Roger Earl
Ed Halter: George Kuchar
Johnny Ray Huston: The Fleshy Fantasies of Mike Kuchar
William E. Jones: Curt McDowell’s Loads

Publisher: SPBH Editions
ISBN: 978-1-739606-76-3
Dimensions: 13.8 x 21.6 cm

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