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Author/Editor: Steve Polta/Sally Golding


Author/Editor: Steve Polta/Sally Golding
Layout & Design: tooth

Perpetual Motion documents San Francisco Cinematheque’s massive 2016 series of contemporary Performance Cinema, presented September–December 2016 at San Francisco’s Gray Area.

The largest undertaking in Cinematheque’s 55-year history, this series convened Performance Cinema practitioners from around the world—including arcScott ArfordBiege, John Davis, Trinchera Ensamble, Keith Evans, Sally Golding, Ken JacobsKerry Laitala & Voicehandler, Karl Lemieux & BJ Nilsen, Hangjun Lee & Jérôme Noetinger, Michael A. Morris, Bruce McClure, Greg Pope & SultRaha Raissnia & Panagiotis Mavridis, La Révélateur and Jürgen Reble—for 7 incredible convergences of once-in-a-lifetime sight and sound.

Dynamically designed by tooth, the hand-made Perpetual Motion ‘zine includes a live cinema manifesto by series curator Steve Polta, an essay surveying the field by renowned curator/historian (and performance cinema practitioner) Sally Golding and copious images of series participants. Available exclusively at the 2016 screenings, the Perpetual Motion ‘zine publication is now available worldwide as a FREE digital download in pdf format.

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