Status Update (Vol. 1)

Status Update (Vol. 1)


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Status Update (Vol. 1)

Author/Editor: Stephanie Barber And Lauren Bender


Stephanie Barber has been posting haiku to her Facebook page every day since 2010. Status Update Volume I is a catalog of that first year, at once quotidian and monumental. Archived in the endless scroll of Facebook’s feed, here they are extracted from the jumble of news articles, events, and comments and available to the public for the first time. Each haiku has been paired with an illustration by Lauren Bender, which are not illustrations at all, but rather descriptions of drawings she would do if she were to illustrate each haiku. As the cultural role of Facebook ebbs and flows, Barber persistently responds to the platform’s incessant query, “What’s on your mind?” (Ctrl+P)

5.5” x 8.5”
380 pages, perfect-bound
Published 2019

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