Steve Seid: Media Burn

Steve Seid: Media Burn


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Steve Seid: Media Burn

Ant Farm and the Making of an Image

Author/Editor: Steve Seid


Steve Seid: Media Burn: Ant Farm and the Making of an Image

A detailed account of Ant Farm’s 1975 Media Burn performance, a legendary act of consumerist critique. This book examines the complex set of cultural references and art-making strategies informing Ant Farm’s seminal 1975 performance Media Burn in which a customized Cadillac, dubbed the Phantom Dream Car, was driven through a wall of burning television sets.

Originally conceived as a conceptual architectural practice, Ant Farm evolved into a full-service art collaborative, culminating in such notable works as House of the Century (1971–73), Cadillac Ranch (1974) and The Eternal Frame (1975).

In Media Burn, the artists flourished in a rich tumult of ideas that engaged contemporary media theory, an oddly complicated aesthetic spectacle, textual appropriation and an all-encompassing branding effort.

Written by Steve Seid (Berkeley Art Museum/Pacific Film Archive), and drawing upon a rich visual documentation, this book delves into the little-known critical backstory to this influential performance (and video work) involving a massive effort to mount a subversive critique of media hegemony while continually re-imagining the crux of the performance itself.

Inventory Press/RITE Editions (November 24, 2020), 128 pages

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