The Afterimage Reader

The Afterimage Reader


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The Afterimage Reader

Author/Editor: Mark Webber


The independent British film journal Afterimage published thirteen issues between 1970 and 1987. International in scope, it surveyed the many forms of radical cinema during an extraordinary period of film history. Having emerged in the wake of post-1968 cultural and political change, Afterimage charted contemporary developments with special issues on themes such as the avant-garde, Latin American cinema and visionary animation, and also looked back at early film pioneers. It published many of the leading critics of the period and vitally provided a forum for filmmakers’ writings and manifestos. This indispensable collection includes texts by scholars Noël Burch, Roger Cardinal, B. Ruby Rich and Peter Wollen, filmmakers Jean Epstein, Jean-Luc Godard, Derek Jarman and Jan Švankmajer plus extended interviews with Hollis Frampton and Raúl Ruiz and more.

The Afterimage Reader is edited by Mark Webber and features new contributions from two of the journal’s editors, Simon Field and Ian Christie.

ISBN: 978-0-9928377-6-1

Published May 2022 by The Visible Press

203 x 140 x 31 mm
352 pages, with b/w images throughout


Foreword: Simon Field
Introduction: Mark Webber – Looking Back at Afterimage
Simon Hartog – Nowsreel (on the newsreel movement)
Jean-Luc Godard – What is to be Done? (on making political films)
Simon Field – Editorial 1: Avant-Garde Film
Peter Sainsbury – Editorial 2: Avant-Garde Film
Stephen Dwoskin – Mare’s Tail (on David Larcher)
Simon Field – Editorial: Third World Cinema
Peter Sainsbury – Battle of Algiers (on Gillo Pontecorvo)
John Mathews – …And After (on Latin American and guerrilla cinema)
Peter Sainsbury – Editorial: For a New Cinema
Peter Wollen – Counter Cinema: Vent d’est (on Jean-Luc Godard)
Simon Field – Interview with Hollis Frampton
Peter Sainsbury – Editorial: Aesthetics/ldeology/Cinema
Noël Burch & Jorge Dana – Propositions (on Fritz Lang, Orson Welles, Carl Dreyer)
Simon Field – Editorial: Perspectives on English Independent Cinema
Tony Rayns – Born to Kill: Mr. Soft Eliminator (on Jeff Keen)
Laura Mulvey & Peter Wollen – Written Discussion (on Penthesilea)
Simon Field – Editorial: Hearing:Seeing
Edward Bennett – The Films of Straub are not ‘Theoretical’ (on Straub/Huillet)
B. Ruby Rich – Kristina: For an Introduction (on Yvonne Rainer)
Simon Field – Editorial: Beginning … and Beginning Again
Rod Stoneman – Perspective Correction: Early Film to the Avant-Garde
Deke Dusinberre – See Real Images! (on Guy Sherwin, Steve Farrer, Lis Rhodes)
Ian Christie – Editorial: Myths of Total Cinema
Jean Epstein – The Senses 1 (b) (on photogénie)
Ian Christie & Malcolm Coad – Between Institutions: Interview with Raúl Ruiz
Simon Field – Editorial: Sighting Snow
Michael O’Pray – Framing Snow (on Michael Snow)
Simon Field – Editorial: The Troublesome Cases (on Derek Jarman and Borderline)
Michael O’Pray – Derek Jarman’s Cinema: Eros and Thanatos
Derek Jarman – P.P.P. in the Garden of Earthly Delights (unrealised film proposal)
Simon Field – Editorial: Animating the Fantastic
Roger Cardinal – Stirrings in the Dust (on visionary animation)
Jan Švankmajer – The Magic Ritual of Tactile Inauguration
Paul Hammond – In Quay Animation (on Brothers Quay)
Ian Christie
Editor’s Notes
Index of contents for Afterimage 1–13
Alphabetical list of contents by contributor for Afterimage 1–13
Credits for Afterimage 1–13
Illustrated throughout with images that appeared in the original magazine

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