Valie Export: In Her Own Words

Valie Export: In Her Own Words


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Valie Export: In Her Own Words

Author/Editor: Yilmaz Dziewior & Katrin Sauerländer


Surveying the written work of a pioneering Austrian avant-garde artist

VALIE EXPORT is regarded as one of the most important international pioneers of conceptual media art, performance and experimental film. In the late 1960s, her often provocative installations, films and actions caused an uproar. From the outset, VALIE EXPORT has written not only detailed concepts for her projects but also theoretical essays, poems, notes and lectures. A large number of her published texts have been made accessible here in one book, along with a selection of printed interviews and unpublished notes and lectures created between 1967 and 2020.

This volume is the first in the Museum Ludwig’s series In their own words. The series is dedicated to contemporary artists who, in addition to their visual oeuvre, have produced texts that take an independent approach to the concerns of their times and presents, above all, approaches that have proved influential and continue to inform current debates.

Yilmaz Dziewior (Editor), Katrin Sauerländer (Editor), Valie Export (Contributor)


Poems, Notes, Speeches
[i was born…] (1967)
[by a masochistic force…] (1973)
time run into itself (1973)
[a tearless hand…] (1973)
metallic gestures (1973)
[today is sunday…] (1973)
[i consider the computer…] (undated)
Stanzas in Revolution: Fragments (1981)
The Birth of the Prison (2000)
Identity (2007)
VALIE EXPORT: Artist (2013)
Childhood in Linz (2015)

Theoretical Texts
A Few Remarks on the Aesthetics of my Tapestry Designs (1969)
Woman’s Art: A Manifesto (1972)
Gertrude Stein/Virginia Woolf: Feminism and Art (1973)
Feminism & Art: Part 2 of the essay “Gertrude Stein & Virginia Woolf” (1973)
Tap and Touch Cinema, etc.: Part 3 of the essay “Gertrude Stein & Virginia Woolf” (1973)
He Who is Not Painted is Stupid (1973)
MAGNA: Remarks on the Genesis of this Exhibition (1975)
MAGNA: On the History of Women in the History of Art (1975)
MAGNA: Possible Questions (1976)
Women and Creativity (1976)
Body Configurations (1976)
ex tempore (1977)
Invisible Adversaries (1977)
Aspects of Feminist Actionism (1980)
Kunst mit Eigen-Sinn: Foreword (1985)
Corpus More Geometrico (1987)
Man & Woman & Animal (1987)
The Real and Its Double: The Body (1987)
Female Bodies (1988)
Expanded Cinema as Expanded Reality (1991)
The Rent in the Picture or Ruptures in Space and Time (1995)

In Conversation
…with Sara Rogenhofer and Florian Rotzer (1988)
… with Helmut Draxler (1991)
…with Roswitha Mueller (1994)
…with Elisabeth Lebovici (2003)
…with Brigitta Burger-Utzer and Sylvia Szely (2006)
…with Yilmaz Dziewior (2015)
…with Saskia Trebing (2018)
…with Oliver Zybok (2018)
…with Mareike Nieberding (2020)

Published by Walther Konig Verlag (October 3, 2023)
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ISBN-13: 978-3753303758
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