Sunday, July 17, 2011

Wild and Weird: Short Film Favorites with New Music

Castro Theater

A Co-Presentation of San Francisco Cinematheque and the San Francisco Silent Film

This collection of shorts from the silent era demonstrates the wonder of
early special effects, still dazzling after 100 years! Accompanied By Alloy Orchestra

Dreams of a Rarebit Fiend d. Edwin S. Porter Edwin S.
Porter’s adaptation of a well-loved Winsor McCay character follows the
“fiend” on his hallucinatory travels after rarebit gorge. (1906, USA, 9

Red Spectre d. Ferdinand Zecca A demonic magician living
in a mysterious cavern conjures up and toys with young women, until he
is opposed by a good spirit. (1907, France, 9 min.)

The Acrobatic Fly d. Percy Smith F. Percy Smith’s
demonstration of a talented housefly, a.k.a. The Balancing Bluebottle.
(1910, USA, 3 min.)

The Thieving Hand d. Edwin S. Porter A one-armed man gets
an artificial limb at the Limb Store, but the new arm has a mind of its
own. (1908, USA, 6 min.)

Princess Nicotine d. Paul Panzer This reverie, also known
as The Smoke Fairy, has mischievous fairies besting a sleeping smoker.
(1909, USA, 5 min.)

Arthème Swallows his Clarinet d. Ernest Servaès This
surrealistic short has music-lover Arthème continuing to play his
clarinet even after an accident involving a falling piano causes him to
swallow it! (1912, France, 4 min.)

Cameraman’s Revenge d. Wladyslaw Starewicz A story of
jealousy and revenge starring beetles! Starewicz’s genius at stop-motion
animation has never been surpassed. (1912, Russia, 13 min.)

Dreams of a Rarebit Fiend: The Pet d. Winsor McKay After
eating rarebit, a man dreams that his wife’s insatiable pet keeps
growing and growing until it threatens the entire city! (1921, USA, 10

Filmstudie d. Hans Richter A Dadaist wonder! (1926,
Germany, 5 min.)

Life and Death of 9413, a Hollywood Extra d. Robert Florey
This brilliant and deeply funny short tells the story of what happens to
one man’s dreams of stardom in the Dream Factory. (1928, USA, 13 min.)

Digital print courtesy of David Shepard

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