Monday, April 17, 1995

Simple Beauties

The Art and Life of Bruce Baillie, Program One

San Francisco Art Institute

Co-sponsored by S.F.A.I.’s lecture series.

“I have just uncovered a term for the way I plan to exist, and continue working: ‘Home Movies.’ Some of us around the country will be creating for a time,perhaps the duration of our lives, home movies. Forced back to the most bare limitations of life and work one can still walk familiar streets, stand at the back door to watch the changes of the sun.”
— Bruce Baillie, Nov. 23, 1962, San Francisco

Canyon Cinema founder (1960) Bruce Baillie has remained true to his art, life and vision of community for over 30 years. A profoundly spiritual man, Baillie seeks beauty in simple, honest moments and truths behind calcified habits. The films he has made are cherished throughout the world for their sensual lyricism and social critique, and in the last several years he has expanded his artmaking to radio, video, and literature. The Cinematheque proudly presents a week of Bruce Baillie events–his first public presentations in San Francisco since 1983–as a welcome antidote to this stuffy, fearful, conservative time. Each evening Baillie will show films, video tapes, play selections from his radio series Dr. Bish’s Remedies and read from his fictional autobiography Memoirs Of An Angel.

Mass For The Dakota Sioux (1963-64), All My Life (1966), Castro Street (1966), Valentin De Las Sierras (1966) and others.