Friday, November 10, 2000

Some Kind of Loving Tour

All Night Long with Miranda July and Astria Suparak

San Francisco Art Institute

With her widely shown single-channel video, Nest of Tens, featured in this year’s Rotterdam Film Festival and performance work, Love Diamond, recently presented at the Kitchen and New York Video Festival, performance/ video artist Miranda July, makes her first Cinematheque appearance with excerpts from her latest multi-media work, The Swan Tool. Combining performance, live music, and projected video with direct image manipulation, The Swan Tool is a “live movie” starring July as Lisa Cobb, a technician who is waiting to die, fall in love, or win the lottery. Parallel to and below this is a second movie, starring a hairy non-human form discovered by a picnicking family. These two movies evolve slowly and eventually collide, instigating, ultimately, a breakdown between audience and performance. The Swan Tool will be preceded by a presentation from New York curator, Astria Suparak, of Some Kind of Loving, the latest in July’s Big Miss Moviola compilation video series which features work by Peggy Ahwesh, Stephanie Barber, Jennifer Reeder, and others. (S. Polta)