Sunday, September 24, 2000

Sounds of All Kinds

From Dada to Now

San Francisco Art Institute

Tonight’s program, part of a two-week celebration of Sound Art throughout the Bay Area, offers a dazzling array of mixed media performances. Dadaists invented “simultaneous poems,” of which one of tonight’s works is a daring and amusing example. Painter Wassily Kandinsky’s Klänge/Sounds uses poetic texts dealing directly and indirectly with sounds of all kinds. Collagist Kurt Schwitters pioneered performance-text crossover in his Ursonata. Gertrude Stein tweaked her readers’ ears with Completed Portrait of Picasso. Charles Amirkhanian presents the first local performance of his sonic city exploration, Son of Metropolis San Francisco. Abigail Child’s film, Mercy, features sound and image elements in equally powerful combination. Computer-performer Laetitia Sonami’s Conversation with a Light Bulb is as much visual and choreographic as it is musical. (C. Boone)