Thursday, January 27, 1994

Spectral Cinema

Films inspired by found and received images

Yerba Buena Center for the Arts

Come help us ring in the new year with a celebration of image-making in the first ever film screening at the Center for the Arts film/video theater! Whether as personal souvenirs of lost moments or as mass-consumed imitations of life, images (family snapshots, films, postcards) give us entry into a world of kaleidescopic sensation inaccessible through verbal expression. Tonight’s show features many different examples of how filmmakers use extant images to create powerful, new reconstructions of reality. Included are Martin Arnold’s passage a l’acte (1993), a percolating critique of the family dynamic culled from several seconds of To Kill a Mockingbird; Scott Stark’s I’ll Walk with God (1994) pictorially charts the stations of the cross through a flight attendant’s passage into Sainthood; Eve Heller’s strange Coney Island collage-fantasy, A Fainting Woman’s Lost Monkey (1993); Joseph Cornell’s exquisite By Night with Torch and Spear; Janis Crystal Lipzin’s Trepanations (1983), a haunting memoir composed of various picture/sound correspondences; Elise Hurwitz’s strain, restrain (1993), a shadowy meditation on the body sparked by an old family snapshot; Chris Gallagher’s undulating Mirage (1983) and more.