Wednesday, April 14, 2010

States of Belonging Program IV

A Lynne Sachs Retrospective

California College of the Arts

Lynne Sachs in-person
[members: $5 / non-members: $10 / CCA Students, Faculty & Staff: Free]

A frequent theme in Sachs’ work is the aftermath of war and its lingering effects on multi-generational families. Investigation of a Flame is a work of poetic investigative journalism that explores a 1968 Vietnam War protest in suburban Baltimore. Blending archival footage of the event, period reportage and contemporary interviews with participants Daniel and Philip Berrigan, the film examines the resonances of the act over the succeeding decades. A more personal work, The Last Happy Day portrays a distant cousin of Sachs, Sandor Lenard. A Jewish writer and doctor, Lenard fled the Nazis and, post-war, worked with the U.S. Army to identify human remains. Later, while living in self-imposed exile in the Brazilian jungle, Lenard achieved brief fame for translating Winnie the Pooh into Latin. Incorporating excerpts from Lenard’s later letters to his estranged family and on-screen performances by Sachs’ own children, the film stands as a moving tribute to quiet heroism. Also screening: Sachs’ “collaborative update” on Chris Marker’s Three Cheers for the Whale. (STEVE POLTA)
Lynne Sachs: Investigation of a Flame (2001), 43 min.
» : The Last Happy Day (2009), 38 min.
Chris Marker & Mario Ruspoli (with Lynne Sachs): Three Cheers for the Whale (1972, revised 2007), 17 min.

For series overview, please see Program I.