Sunday, April 11, 2010

States of Belonging Program II

A Lynne Sachs Retrospective

Oddball Film & Video

Lynne Sachs in-person
presented in association with Oddball Film + Video
[members: $5 / non-members: $10]

Lynne Sachs short works reverberate with the distilled quality of poetic moments. From her early work in 16mm film in the 1980s through her later works utilizing the immediacy of videotape, the texture of 8mm film and expanded pallet of digital editing techniques, Sachs’ works celebrate the ordinary and the profound, mapping and defining unmined territories of the human psyche. Elegantly fusing her varied influences of literature, painting and collage into a inviting yet deep and personal space these shorts bristle with the feeling of newly discovered modes of perception and expressions of movement in time.
(Stephen Parr)

Lynne Sachs: Still Life with Woman & Four Objects (1986), 4 min.
» : Drawn & Quartered (1986), 4 min.
» : Following the Object to Its Logical Beginning (1987), 9 min.
» : Window Work (2001), 9 min.
» : The Small Ones (2007), 3 min.
» : Atalanta (2006), 5 min.
» : Georgic for a Forgotten Planet (2008), 11 min.
» : Cuadro por Cuardo en Montevideo/Frame by Frame (2009), 8 min.
» : XY Chromosome Project (2006-2009)
» : Task of the Translator (2010)

For series overview, please see Program I.