Thursday, February 17, 1994

Street Beats

Yerba Buena Center for the Arts

Life on the streets has become a nightmarish survival of the fittest. Tonight’s program includes three different views of how “the other half” is coping with the nasty realities of street life. The program includes Streets (1992, 15 min.) by Curtis Phillips, a portrait of black street gangs in Kansas City: “Our children are mirrors of society, the reflection they are giving back isn’t too glorious…they are shouting at us with anger and frustration in their voices to the tune of gun shots and screeching tires…” (C.P.); L.A. Familia (1993, 37 min.) by Harry Gamboa Jr., a fanciful depiction of a Chicano family living on the street which careens between farcical and frightening narrative; and Chuck Hudina’s Tenderloin Blues (1987, 55 min.), a surprisingly intimate glimpse into the lives of San Francisco’s homeless as recorded with a video-8 camcorder.