Thursday, December 13, 1990

Systems of Authority, Methods of Repression

Also: Leslie Thornton's Adynata

San Francisco Art Institute

Cinematheque welcomes Linda Tadic with the Bay Area premiere of her new film, Systems of Authority, Methods of Repression (1990, 40 min.). Using her own traumatizing experiences with child abuse as a starting point, Tadic constructs a complex cinematic critique on abuses of power and authoritarian systems in our lives (patriarchal family rule, codes of narrative cinema, political enslavement). Combining documentary, fictional narrative, and constructed images, Systems… “is a courageous work which, in addition to criticizing the power status quo, offers ample evidence of individual and collective will to change.” (Albert Kilchesty) Also: Adynata (1983, 30 min.) by Leslie Thornton, “a vulgar tour of the Other, in this case Imperial China?; Woman?; Madness?; Japan?; Murder?; Eroticism?” (L.T.)

pictured: Adynata (1983) by Leslie Thornton