Saturday, December 1, 1990

Takedera Mon Amour

A Video Diary

Eye Gallery (now closed)

“One day you will understand the quiet strength of the bamboo.” (The Perfumed Nightmare). Filipino Kidlat Tahimik is an internationally celebrated independent filmmaker (The Perfumed Nightmare, Turumba, etc.) whose work is being given a retrospective at the York Theater earlier this month. Tonight we present the Bay Area premiere of his first videotape, Takedera mon Amour: Diary of A Bamboo Connection (1990, 55 min.), a whimsical and lovingly crafted memoir recorded during an eight year period of involvement with Japanese culture. Focusing on the many ways bamboo is essential to the core of Japanese life, Tahimik creates a lyrical valentine to his sister Asian culture. Also: Tahimik’s installation How The West Was Won, “a comment on the colonization of the mind by the idiot box, the Trojan Horse left behind.” (K.T.)

pictured: Takedera mon Amour: Diary of A Bamboo Connection (1990) by Kidlat Tahimik