Sunday, December 7, 2008

Technology, Nature and Other Matters

Yerba Buena Center for the Arts

A broad view of artists’ work in the realm of moving images–plus, perhaps, some nice, seeming opposites–is explored: Material originally intended for installation will be presented theatrically along with documentation of various sorts and other provocative films and videos. Step by step, Alexandra Steele’s One to the Forty-First Power dissolves the everyday into abstract worlds. Minyong Jang’s The Breath details nature’s stasis and tiny movements. In Karaoke Wrong Number, Rachel Perry Welty riffs on what her answering machine has to say. The images in Sarah Wylie Ammerman’s Swallow seem to start in a doctor’s examining room – perhaps we’re actually seeing a weird kind of S/M. Also screening: Masako Tanaka’s close-up portrait of Otomo Yoshihide, Michael Hession’s Ten Attempts, Joshua Kanies’ Chasm, recent work by David Phillips and Paul Rowley, Christoph Giradet, Mami Kosemura and other diverse treats. (Charles Boone)