Sunday, March 22, 1998

The Animal Other

San Francisco Art Institute

This historical survey of short films examines the complex ways in which we humans relate to our fellow animals, whether as taxidermed artifact, laboratory specimen, zoological wonder, meat, fable, or beloved pet. Films include: Elephant Electrocution (1903) by Thomas Edison; The Voice of the Nightingale by Ladislas Starevich (1923); A Summer Saga by Arne Sucksdorff (1941); Le Vampire by Jean Painleve (1945); Blood of the Beasts by Georges Franju (1949); Ant City by Moss and Thelma Schnee (1951); Microcultural Incidents in Ten Zoos (1968); and Mongreloid by George Kuchar (1978). (Also: Fauna on Film, Conversation with Mark Dion and Marina McDougall, Sun., April 5 at 4 pm, Headlands Center for the Arts)