Thursday, February 21, 1991

The Delirious Arousal of Destruction or Is There a Feminist Erotic Iconography?

A Text/Slide Event by Carolee Schneemann

San Francisco Art Institute

Carolee Schneemann, internationally known painter, performance artist, filmmaker and writer treats controversial themes such as sexuality, feminist history and the body as a source of knowledge. Her installation Cycladic Imprints is included in the S. F. Museum of Modern Art’s current exhibit The Projected Image. Using her own work as an experiential base, Schneemann will address issues of perception and power, which emerge in sharp contrast to our learned aesthetic, and perform a deconstruction and inversion of the traditional idealized erotic subject/object. Transgressive aspects of the unconscious mind, the body and sexuality will be examined through a wide range of images from Paleolithic shards, Sumerian birth figures, and Victorian Madonnas to contemporary Body Art. Co-sponsored by the Walter/McBean Gallery.