Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Dream Reveals the Waking Day

Yerba Buena Center for the Arts

Six recent works which vacillate between radical introspection and cosmological wonder, each inverting interior and exterior worlds, finding intimacy in the cosmos, divinity in the details. Sylvia Schedelbauer’s associative collage Remote Intimacy presents a detached personal history with the dreadful certainty of a dream. Mark Street’s Alone, Apart meanders between filmic figure and ground, wresting strangeness from the everyday while Jeanne Liotta’s Eclipse allows the lunar eclipse to shine through emulsified noise. Abraham Ravett’s Tziporah and Karen Johannesen’s Light Speed each meditate on domestic details, hinting at the eternal within the everyday and Peggy Ahwesh’s Warm Objects uses a heat-sensing camera to look (just) beyond the skin deep. Finally, traveling sound artists Paul Bradley and Maile Colbert present a cinematic translation of their multi-channel installation, Transit, an environmental work exploring spaces between memory and emotion, between inhale and exhale. (Steve Polta)

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