Thursday, March 17, 1994

The Great Divide

Deborah Fort & Ann Skinner-Jones

Yerba Buena Center for the Arts

Video artists Deborah Fort and Ann Skinner-Jones will introduce and discuss their recent tape, The Great Divide (1993), a powerful and timely documentary that examines the current debate between the “religious right” and “secular humanists” over the issue of gay and lesbian rights. The tape features spirited interviews with people from both camps who freely voice their opinions about Oregon’s infamous Ballot Measure 9, a measure amending that state’s constitution to include language stating that homosexuality is immoral, unnatural and perverse. The Great Divide is a riveting portrait of contemporary moral conflict that is required viewing for anyone concerned with the alarming spread of irrational hate towards the “other” that now blankets every part of the globe. Also screening is Fort’s tape Dykeotomy (1992), a personal, autobiographical musing on lesbian identity and growing up gay in the USA. After the show, the public is invited to an informal BYOD* gathering with the artists at a location TBA. *Buy Your Own Drinks. Presented in cooperation with Artists Television Access.