Sunday, October 9, 1994

The lenses of time

Re-Visioning the Time Closet, Emerging Filmmakers of the 1970s

San Francisco Art Institute

“The late ’70s was an extraordinarily fertile time, when dozens of artists made films that captivated our senses and challenged our perceptions of the world. They were unfairly neglected at the time and remain outcasts from film’s approved history. This program, and a second on Nov. 20, reveals a forgotten past: Horse Science Series by Rob Danielson, Frames and Cages and Speeches by Martha Haslanger, diary of an autistic child/part two by Edwin Cariati, Bellevue Film by Gail Camhi, and Cheap Imitations II and III by Grahame Weinbren and Roberta Friedman.”–D.G.