Saturday, July 9, 2005

The Original Caped Crusader: Judex

Artists' Television Access

Co-presented by SF Cinematheque and Artists’ Television Access

A rare screening of Judex (1963) by Georges Franju, the director of the surrealist-influenced Blood of the Beasts, a poetic documentary of the abbatoires on the outskirts of Paris, and the classic horror film Eyes Without a Face, recently released on Criterion DVD. Judex is a faithful remake of the original Louis Feuillade serial crime drama from 1917, with subtle surrealist touches.

WITNESS: Judex, master of disguise, on a mission to stop an arch criminal from stealing a crooked capitalist’s fortune, while teaching him a lesson.

GASP: As, cornered, the beautiful villain in a nun’s habit escapes by stripping to her catsuit, diving through the country mill’s trap door and swimming away …

THRILL: To the stunning 25mph car chase through the countryside of France (the movie is set in 1914) …

HEAR: The haunted dirge composed by Maurice Jarre for the masked-ball kidnapping scene.

(Programmed by Konrad Steiner)
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