Sunday, April 20, 1997

Three Women, Three Voices

La Vida: the strength within by Lawan Jirasuradej, Lost in the Translation by Ingrid Schulz, Far From You by Sami Al-Kassim

San Francisco Art Institute

These three Bay Area-based women each use the cinematic medium to trace connections between present and past, between here and elsewhere, between self and other. While Thai filmmaker Lawan Jirasuradej’s exquisitely staged portraits of women in various stages of their life create a vibrant and diverse fresco of female strength, German-American Ingrid Schulz seeks the nature of Post-War and Post-Wall Germany via the spirit of a wandering dead soldier and her own encounters with contemporary Germans and with German culture as reified by American and German television. Finally, Jordanian-American Sami Al-Kassim uses the medium to engage with the image and memory of Egyptian singer and world renowned cultural icon Uum Kulthoum, provoking yet refusing our desire to be seduced. Each of the filmmakers is a recent MA or MFA graduate of SF State. (Programmed by Irina Leimbacher)