Thursday, June 9, 2005

To Murder the Cinema: Visions of Marguerite Duras

Program 3: Les Enfants and Shorts

Yerba Buena Center for the Arts

7:30 Les Enfants; 9:15 Césarée and L’Homme Atlantique

Durasí last feature, Les Enfants (The Children) (1982), directed with Jean Mascolo, is a darkly humorous film about knowledge in which seven year-old Ernest, played by an adult, refuses school “because at school they teach me things I don’t know.” In the short Césarée (1979), Duras tells the stories of Césarée (in Palestine) and Bérénice while the images alternate between still and traveling shots of monuments of Paris. L’Homme Atlantique (1981), made using the outtakes of another film, explores writing and the image’s disappearance. “I think the darkness is in all my films, buried, beneath the image…I have only tried to reach the film’s deep flow….” (Duras)