Sunday, February 29, 2004

Towards a Spectral Cinema: A Special 3-D Performance

California College of the Arts

Visual magician Zoe Beloff joins us from New York with Lost, Shadow Land and a sneak preview of her installation The Ideoplastic Materializations of Eva C. Beloff wants to “reanimate the great nineteenth century visual forms that have been discarded-the ghost show, the séances, the stereo-view, the diorama and the phantasmagoria-to create new cinematic languages and open up spaces where phantoms of history can cross over into our world.” In Lost-a performance with stereo slides, hand-cranked film and an 78 rpm gramophone-storefronts, like dusty dioramas of a forgotten museum, come to life. Shadow Land and Eva C., both based on accounts of materializing mediums, present the séance as “home theatre,” at once proto- and post-cinema, where unconscious desires are conjured up and acted out. (Irina Leimbacher)