Sunday, January 30, 1994

Tower of the Astro Cyclops and others

New videos by George Kuchar

San Francisco Art Institute

Special Free Admission!

A torrid collection of George Kuchar’s newest videotapes, including several of George’s travelogues from spots all over the U.S.: Sunbelt Serenades, Parts 1 & 3, is “a video series on the southwest featuring rocks and empty places plus people wandering around, buying and eating;” Andy’s House of Gary “features 2 Art Institute Alumni verbally tackling the enigmas of California living;” Tower of the Astro Cyclops “is a tour of a Redwood retreat built by a scientist/author who plumbs the inner and outer reaches of verboten visions;” Bayou of the Blue Behemoth, in which “large and small creatures swim, sway and chomp their way into rejuvenated extinction;” and Glacier Park, “ice and mountains and gobs of goodness abound in Montana.”