Sunday, September 9, 2007

Truth & Reconciliation


Headlands Center for the Arts

Presented in association with Headlands Center for the Arts

2005 Headlands alumnus Jeanne C. Finley and partner John Muse’s Lost (with John Muse) combines an excerpt from the audio diary of an Army Chaplain serving in Iraq, who must reconcile his soldiers’ justifiable shooting of an Iraqi man with the dismal reality that the dead man’s widow and children now face, with a serene and foggy landscape symbolic of its narrator’s clouded perspective. 2007 Headlands Artist in Residence Magnus Bärtås’ series of short documentaries, Who is…? reenact their subjects’ eclectic biographies in large and small detail, their histories translated from memory by the filmmaker from conversations many years earlier. 2004 Headlands alumnus Ramin Bahrani’s 2005 feature Man Push Cart tells the story of a Pakistani coffee-cart vendor in New York City, played by an actor whose own biography overlaps substantially with the fictional narrative. (Anuradha Vikram, Headlands Center for the Arts)

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