Thursday, September 13, 2007

Truth & Reconciliation


Roxie Theater

Presented in association with Headlands Center for the Arts

In the films featured tonight, fabrication and nonfiction collide, meld and intertwine to confront truth, reality and expression. 1999 Headlands alumnus Aline Mayer’s S’Aline’s Solution expresses with haunting complexity the agony and affirmation of an abortion. Roger Deutsch’s Mario Makes a Movie is the story of a developmentally disabled man who learns how to use a movie camera. Deutsch’s film mimics the style of personal documentary leaving the viewer to question, “Who really is Mario?” In The Stillness in the Room, current Headlands MFA Awardee, Vanessa Woods, evokes the poetry of death, mourning and decay in the visual imagery of Queen Victoria’s “weeping veil” and by putting the celluloid itself through a process of decay. Todd Herman’s Forbidden Acts explores the limits that social institutions attempt to impose on the expression of the body, sexuality and disability. Who is Bozo Texino? by 1999 Headlands alumnus Bill Daniel, explores the truths of vagabond subculture and reveals the romantic appeal of wanderlust in American society. (Caroline Savage)

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