Sunday, March 6, 2005

Truths of Consequence

Program 6: A Sense of Site, From Calcutta to Afghanistan to Teheran

California College of the Arts

Four eclectic videos explore what is typically thought of as non-place, whether urban intersections, bombing sites, or public bathrooms. Nevertheless, these are sites where things happen, the kind of things we don’t usually discuss. Dominic Angerame’s Anaconda Targets appropriates aerial video of a bombing run in Afghanistan while soldiers’ voices reveal a horrifying callousness towards their “targets.” Alfred Guzzetti’s Calcutta Intersection finds suspense in his single-take observation of life on the run. Pierre-Yves Clouin discovers a new use for airplanes in Flying Sculpture. Finally, Mahnaz Afzali’s hour-long documentary The Ladies Room explores the lives of several marginalized women whose paths cross in the public bathroom of a Teheran park. (Irina Leimbacher)