Sunday, October 1, 1995

Two by Frederick Wiseman

High School + Primate

San Francisco Art Institute

The San Francisco Cinematheque, Film Arts Foundation, and the at SFAI present a rare opportunity to see two early works by acclaimed documentary director Frederick Wiseman. Since his first work Titticut Follies was made and banned in 1967, lawyer-turned-filmmaker Wiseman has made 28 documentaries focusing on American institutions and the societal contradictions they embody. On October 2 at 8PM, Wiseman will speak about his work at the Herbst Theater in FAF’s Meet the Mavericks series. For info call 552-8760.
7:00PM High School (1968) A classic of American observational cinema, this portrait of a high school in the late 60s reveals the ideological indoctrination implicit in the classrooms, guidance sessions, gym classes and other activities that make up the quintessentially American high school experience.

9:00PM Primate (1974) Not for those with faint hearts or stomachs, this film examines the daily activities of a primate research center. “It is essentially about one set of primates who have power using it against another who haven’t…” (Derek Malcolm)