Sunday, November 5, 2000

Very Hard Work You’re Asking Me To Do

The Cinema of Gregg Biermann

San Francisco Art Institute

New York— New Jersey film and video artist Gregg Biermann presents film, video, and real-time music video as performed live by electronic composer Ron Mazurek. “Attempts to reconcile representational and abstract images and structure, Biermann’s films and videos teeter on the friendly chasm betwixt the lyrical and the structural.” (Brian Frye) Conventionally projected works to be shown include: The Hobgoblin of Little Minds (1999), Dissonances (2000), Detached Americans (1993), and Window of Appearances (1996). Real time video performances Piano Etude and Into Whiteness blur the line between cine-recording and musical performance. Video sequences are triggered by a digital electronic keyboard played by Mazurek. In this way “edits” are created and montage is improvised in the course of the live performance. (G. Biermann)