Sunday, February 6, 1994

Videograms of a Revolution by Harun Farocki

San Francisco Art Institute

Farocki’s latest feature-length essay is a sobering and critical account of the Roumanian revolution of December 1989, centered on the 5 days between Ceausescu’s last public speech and the dictator’s execution. “While the events have been reported extensively by every TV station in the world, the makers have managed to find a lot of new and unknown material. Sources include 120 hours taped by Roumanian television, pictures taken by amateur videomakers and access to hitherto private government registers. The minute and revealing way in which the filmmaker has organized the powerful material helps make this such an impressive film. The shots may have lost some of their initial power, but careful investigation and the constructing of a jigsaw puzzle of contradictory data provides very surprising insights. Videograms convincingly demonstrates that documentary history has indeed entered the age of the video camera.” (Rotterdam Film Festival Catalogue)