Thursday, December 4, 1997

Voices of the Visionaries

Neglected Female Geniuses of mid-20th Century

California College of the Arts

Aline Mare will discuss and show films dealing with three influential but still little known women artists from the 30’s through the 60’s: Leonor Fini, a fiercly independent painter, designer, and mystical artist whose rich body of work, eccentric lifestyle and flamboyant beauty are revealed in a documentary made towards the end of her life; Kay Sage, a modern master/mistress of the internal architecture of the dream, speaks out from her notebook of despair in Portrait of an Artist and is remembered by her circle of peers which included Tanguy and Miro; and Collette, writer/chanteuse, weaver of tempestuous tapestries, yet another artist working way ahead of her time, who is portrayed in Collette (1979) for her fearless investigations into the intelligence of sensuality from a female perspective. (A.M.)