Sunday, November 26, 1995

Warhol Rediscoveries

Harlot + Kitchen

San Francisco Art Institute

These newly reissued works are Warhol’s first experiments in sync sound: Harlot (1964) with Mario Montez, Gerard Malanga and others; improvised dialogue by Ronald Tavel, Billy Name, and Harry Fainlight; music: Swan Lake; and Kitchen (1965) with Edie Sedgwick, Rene Ricard and others; appearances by Ronald Tavel, Andy Warhol and Gerard Malanga; scenario by Robert Tavel. “Scripts were written but somehow the indeterminable presence of Warhol… molded the films in his image. Says Warhol: ‘with film you just turn on the camera and photograph something, I leave the camera running until it runs out of film, because that way I can catch people being themselves. It’s better to act naturally than set up a scene and act like someone else.” Peter Gidal. (Michael Wallin).