Sunday, May 15, 1994

Whither Cyberspace?

San Francisco Art Institute

“Going online” has special meaning to videomakers, but to most people it means using computers and modems to connect to bulletin boards, conference systems, global computer networks, and < dramatic pause > cyberspace. Does this digital territory hold anything of interest to the film or video maker? You bet! Tonight’s event will cover the basics of global network infrastructure and tools like electronic mail, gopher, WAIS, and Mosaic. We’ll take a look at media-specific resources on the Internet and USENET, as well as Arts Wire, Film/Tape World’s Media Planet BBS, The WELL, and other systems, some still under development. (E.T.)
Eric Theise, co-founder of Bay Area Internet Literacy, workshop coordinator for the Exploratorium’s Multimedia Playground, and editor of the forthcoming Millennium Whole Earth Catalog’s Internet pages will lead this spirited romp. Co-sponsored by X—Factor.