Friday, February 24, 1995

Who is Doris Wishman and Why are Her Sexploitation Films So Odd & Original? 1

Roxie Theater

“Doris Wishman made 25 films for the soft core porn circuit, all of which are a rare blend of the prurient, the tacky and the bizarre. Starting in 1960 with nudist camp pictures, Wishman proceeded with rough sex play and lots of lingerie, then in the 1970s used gimmicks such as killer breasts, penis transplants and transgender operations as vehicles for her films. The stories are wacky and weird with a seedy underlining of the true fear of and hostility towards women.” – Peggy Ahwesh

Nude On The Moon (1962); Double Agent 73 (1974), starring endowed stripper Chesty Morgan as a secret agent with a spy camera implanted in one of her breasts; and original trailers. – All in 35mm prints.